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Tree Frog slide menu

17th November 2007

Tree frog vertical click

Tree frogs are frogs of the families Hylidae and Rhacophoridae.

There is large variation among tree frog species. Many species are not actually arboreal (do not live in trees), but terrestrial or aquatic (live on the ground or in the water).

Many arboreal frogs are green, while terrestrial and aquatic species are duller.

They mostly feed on insects and other invertebrates, but some larger species can feed on small vertebrates. The species within the genus Cyclorana are burrowing frogs, sometimes spending many years underground.


The third menu in this series showing how to convert the vertical slide into a vertical click.

Just click the top level list items to slide open the first sub level then hover on the sub levels to flyout further sub menus.

The first level will stay open until another top level is clicked or the same item is clicked again.

Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari (PC) and Safari (iPod Touch).

The path through the sub lists will be highlighted in all browsers including IE5.x and IE6 as the child selector is not used in this particular menu.


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