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Professional dropline #2

3rd January 2008

Left or right


This one is based on a menu I produced recently for CSSplay but the CSSSplay version had its limitations in that it had to use a width value for the menu to work in IE6.

This 'javascript' version overcomes this problem.

I say javascript but it actually uses a Microsoft expression in the IE6 only sylesheet to work out the width of the containing div#pro_linedrop.

I have seen many examples of using expressions to work out the width of the browser window, but not the width of an element, so had to play around with this a little to get it to work.

Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari (PC) and Safari (iPod Touch).


All the files, except the photograph which is copyrighted, can be downloaded using the link below. If you are going to use this in your website then please respect my copyright and keep the credits in the stylesheets.